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Magnetic Heater
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$37.00 USD
This is an open source project of Copper Magnetic Heater.

This eBook with DIY instructions has all the documentation and our 3 years experience (such as: if you put copper pipes, it is not as efficient as if you go with flat surface) to start build your own copper magnetic heater.
We have included all major problems that you could come across, when building this kind of magnetic heater. So you don't have to make costly mistakes like we did.

The free version of Copper Magnetic Heater DIY instructions includes a good starting point to know how to build one, but the paid version includes more detailed information, like drawings and other details as to how to build this kind of copper magnetic heater.

Right now at my house:
It uses 2.9kWh for 100 m2 of house.
I have to mention that we have wall heating and compared to old radiators that is much much much better. The first thing is: there is less water to heat and second thing is when wall is warm it radiates heat very well.
At the day when it is 2 Celsius outside it uses 2.9kWh and inside temperature is 18C. 
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